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Deleting the second parenthesized phrase

First, thank you in advance to whoever took the time.  I DID in fact try to find it in index but didn't see one specific to my question.  It's simple.  I would like to put batch of files into the renamer and remove information I don't need from song tags.  Example. 

Nicki Minaj - Super Freaky Girl (Roman Remix) (Dirty Extended Remix)

I want to get rid of the second parenthesized phrase.   (Dirty Extended Remix)

Ultimately, I would LIKE to be able to keep the first parenthesized phrase.  (Roman Remix)

Not sure how to accomplish that.  And thank you again for the assistance.  It is GREATLY appreciated


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Re: Deleting the second parenthesized phrase

You'll need to use the Regular Expressions rule for this task.





This will remove the last parenthesized segment, when there are at least two parenthesized segments.


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