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Random password generator. Simple tool for generating random passwords based on specified character set with customizable output format. User can easily select groups of characters used for password like lower case lette...

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Number Converter — Convert numbers between different bases, i.e: Binary, Octal, Decimal, Hex.

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CPUMon 2.1
This small but versatile CPU usage widget has not received many updates because it was fulfilling its duties perfectly. However, as time goes by, operating systems and user interfa...
1 day ago
Colors 2.2
A maintenance update for Colors focused on multi-lingual and operational improvements. Here are some highlights: Variable color picker spot size and selection of an average color....
4 weeks ago
ReNamer 6.4
A big update for ReNamer which packs many user requested features and several important fixes. Here are some highlights: Added a new rule "Reformat Date" for changing format of dat...
2 months ago
ReNamer 6.3
This is a big update for ReNamer which brings a wide range of improvements and new features. A quick summary of the biggest changes in ReNamer 6.3: Added Torrent file meta tags. Ad...
5 months ago

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