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We are updating the pricing and extending the maintenance period in response to economical and sociological turmoil of the recent years. The software development process has been affected by several factors outside of our control. This has negatively impacted the frequency of major releases. To coun...

Shutter 4.6

3 months ago

Shutter 4.6 has been released. Summary of changes: Implemented the "Restart Apps" feature for Shutdown and Reboot actions. Implemented a modern and lightweight mechanism for monitoring CPU usage. Expand environment variables in parameters of events and actions. Improved the identification of the sys...

ReNamer 7.4

4 months ago

ReNamer 7.4 has been released. Highlights of changes: Implemented a new serialization mechanism using music notes, e.g. C0, C#0, D0, D#0, E0, F0, F#0, etc. Added FindRegEx, IntToRoman, RomanToInt, RomanToIntDef, TryRomanToInt functions and TIntegerArray type to Pascal Script. Use Windows native logi...

Shutter 4.5

10 months ago

Shutter 4.5 has been released. Summary of changes: Added "Program Output" event for monitoring the exit code of a program. Added "Port" event for checking if a network port is open or closed. Added an option to the "Ping" event to trigger when the host is responding, rather than not responding. Adde...

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Feature Request for Replace
Thanks for your reply. May I just add that I wasn't expecting a rewrite of the Rules layout, just a larger tex...
sl23 1 day ago

Lookaround TRegExpr Compile Errors
Regarding the error message: TRegExpr compile: lookaround brackets must be at the very beginning/ending (pos 4...
den4b 1 day ago

Lookaround TRegExpr Compile Errors
I am trying to utilize lookaround to separate digits with periods, but only in certain circumstances. My exact...
visusys 2 days ago

Status Bar at bottom of screen
Great! Thankyou
mikeincairns 2 days ago

Status Bar at bottom of screen
You can get this information in two steps: 1. Files menu » Mark » Mark only changed 2. Options menu » Count ma...
den4b 2 days ago

Feature Request for Replace
Thank you for your feedback and ideas. sl23 wrote:This means the list becomes very difficult to manage in the...
den4b 2 days ago

Search and Replace inside files
Try AstroGrep for searching and GrepWin for search and replace operations. Notepad++ also has ability to searc...
den4b 2 days ago
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