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RandPass 1.6

25 days ago

RandPass 1.6 has been released. This is an exciting release for password geeks as it adds a new method for generating passwords by combining randomly selected words out of various dictionaries (wordlists). This method has been featured in a famous XKCD comic about password strength, which explains i...

Resizer 1.2

25 days ago

Resizer 1.2 has been released. Summary of changes: Perform image processing operations in a dedicated thread. This allows the main GUI thread to better reflect the progress and lets user abort the processing at any moment. Added an option to export file paths to clipboard. Added an option to remove...

Hasher 3.4

27 days ago

Hasher 3.4 has been released. Summary of changes: Added an option to include header in the Log Viewer export to clipboard. Fixed an incorrect DST offset applied to file dates outside of current DST period. Respect the setting of upper case hashes option across all windows. Remember and restore "maxi...

Colors 2.4

27 days ago

Colors 2.4 has been released. Summary of changes: Implemented auto scaling of controls for High DPI displays. Added Dutch language file. For more information, see the changelog between Colors 2.3 and 2.4.

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Create Folder & Subfolder according filename
erebus wrote:in "Clean rules", why not put a check mark to avoid removing the "." has words such as S.W.A.T (a...
den4b 1 day ago

Create Folder & Subfolder according filename
Hello, Sorry for the old Script. Thanks its work fine, I just have rearrange my rules to make them work with y...
erebus 3 days ago

Create Folder & Subfolder according filename
In your post, your script and examples of input/output do not match. Perhaps you have posted a wrong script? A...
den4b 3 days ago

Create Folder & Subfolder according filename
Hello, my needs for this script have changed. { Create Folder & SubFolder } var Parts: TStringsArray; begin Pa...
erebus 4 days ago

Use music MP3 or FLAC to rename JPG album cover
Hello, Thank you it's work perfect Best Regards Vincent
erebus 7 days ago

Feature request: Support for long filenames/folder names/long paths
I have some good news for you! ReNamer does not support long paths (>260 characters) out of the box yet, but,...
den4b 7 days ago

"Planner failed to start: Invalid Query" when monitoring HD Usage (#2)
Hello. Which version of Shutter are you using? Have you tried latest stable v4.3, and, more importantly, the l...
den4b 7 days ago
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