“Now, Momma said there's only so much fortune a man really needs and the rest is just for showing off.” -- Forrest Gump

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Batch image resizer. It has an easy to use drag-n-drop interface with variety of options, such as aspect ratio fit methods, target image formats, customizable output filename pattern and more. Supported image formats: BM...

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Hash and Checksum — Calculate a hash or a checksum from a text or a file, i.e: CRC32, MD5, SHA1.

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ReNamer 6.5
This update for ReNamer is packed with many usability improvements, new features and bug fixes. Here is quick summary: Capture multiple validation errors per file, instead of just...
1 month ago
Shutter 3.8
This update brings many new features and improvements for Shutter, a multi-purpose scheduling utility. Here is quick summary of new features: Organize your schedules of events and...
2 months ago
CPUMon 2.1
This small but versatile CPU usage widget has not received many updates because it was fulfilling its duties perfectly. However, as time goes by, operating systems and user interfa...
3 months ago
Colors 2.2
A maintenance update for Colors focused on multi-lingual and operational improvements. Here are some highlights: Variable color picker spot size and selection of an average color....
4 months ago

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