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ReNamer 6.8

4 days ago

This is a major update to ReNamer which brings several new features and optimizations. Here are the most significant changes: Presets can be organized into a directory structure (Pro version only). Serialize file names using Decimal digits (0..9), English letters (a..z), Roman numerals (I,II,III,IV,...

Hooker 3.4

4 months ago

This is a small feature update for the infamous Hooker tool. Sending logs by email via SMTP protocol now fully supports SSL/TLS encryption, for a secure transmission of credentials and the log data. OpenSSL library comes bundled with the download package, so there is no external dependencies. By the...

ReNamer 6.7

7 months ago

ReNamer 6.7 brings a new renaming rule, many new features and improvements. A short list of most notable changes: Added Randomize rule for inserting random sequences into filenames. Added and improved email meta tags for sorting your email based on sender and recipient properties. Added "/silent" sw...

This update consists of maintenance releases for Hasher, Colors and RandPass. The list of changes consists mostly of general performance and multi-language improvements. Upgrading is highly recommended for users whose primary language is not English. One noteworthy change concerns feature limitation...

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Default behavior for adding folders
I think this is a common question, shouldn't be answered by Menu+Dialog-box. I suggest to make a button in Men...
Stamimail 1 day ago

Add History to Menu
No, this is not related to presets at all, though it can help to make new ones. I'm talking about the recent u...
Stamimail 1 day ago

Add History to Menu
Just to clarify, you are suggesting to keep track of recently used presets?
den4b 1 day ago

Add History to Menu
It's good for cases you used recently one sets of rules, and close the program. Then, the next time, you open...
Stamimail 2 days ago

Shutter 4 (alpha version)
den4b wrote:Apologies, I have misread your original statement. Yes, to make shutter_1.exe and shutter_2.exe us...
101 2 days ago

Shutter 4 (alpha version)
101 wrote:I want to use e. g. shutter_1.exe with different option settings from shutter_2.exe. Apologies, I ha...
den4b 2 days ago

Show the time an event happens instead of showing the countdown?
That would be great. Many thanks! If in the icon (in the tray) could be shown the time of the event it would b...
Dirk 2 days ago
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