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Shutter 4.2

3 months ago

This is a quick maintenance release for Shutter which adds a couple of new features and fixes few bugs introduced in the previous major release. Summary of changes: Added an option to use an average measurement in CPU Usage, Network Usage and Hard Disk Usage events. Fixed a problem with Hard Disk Us...

Shutter 4.1

4 months ago

A revamped version of Shutter is ready for action! Shutter has undergone a migration to a newer and more productive development environment (Lazarus + Free Pascal). This greatly improves the development capabilities, integration with newer operating systems and facilitated the implementation of exci...

ReNamer 6.8

5 months ago

This is a major update to ReNamer which brings several new features and optimizations. Here are the most significant changes: Presets can be organized into a directory structure (Pro version only). Serialize file names using Decimal digits (0..9), English letters (a..z), Roman numerals (I,II,III,IV,...

Hooker 3.4

9 months ago

This is a small feature update for the infamous Hooker tool. Sending logs by email via SMTP protocol now fully supports SSL/TLS encryption, for a secure transmission of credentials and the log data. OpenSSL library comes bundled with the download package, so there is no external dependencies. By the...

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Advanced logic for events
Hi, This could be made quite logical. Replace the existing logics by these two logics: "1BY1 with resume" [Eve...
Vandabee 3 days ago

Feature suggestions: Average of duration and additional Logic
Hi, this is a suggestion to improve the average load flexibility which was implemented in topic: 2374 If the t...
Vandabee 3 days ago

Insert specific level parent folder name
Great It work Many thanks to den4b and Stefan. Fantastic piece of software this renamer
nokkia 14 days ago

Insert specific level parent folder name
So you want to rename always with name from a top folder at a special hierarchy level, here the third level (n...
Stefan 14 days ago

Insert specific level parent folder name
I find out that the script work if I put all the folders directly at the root of the hard disk, drive D in my...
nokkia 14 days ago

Insert specific level parent folder name
nokkia wrote:X:\A\A.txt X:\A\B\A.txt Well, the script posted previously does exactly that... X:\A\file.txt ->...
den4b 14 days ago

Insert specific level parent folder name
Hi Thank you for the time you take. I expect the second case and only 2 level of folders X:\A\A.txt X:\A\B\A.t...
nokkia 14 days ago
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