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Hooker 3.4

23 days ago

This is a small feature update for the infamous Hooker tool. Sending logs by email via SMTP protocol now fully supports SSL/TLS encryption, for a secure transmission of credentials and the log data. OpenSSL library comes bundled with the download package, so there is no external dependencies. By the...

ReNamer 6.7

3 months ago

ReNamer 6.7 brings a new renaming rule, many new features and improvements. A short list of most notable changes: Added Randomize rule for inserting random sequences into filenames. Added and improved email meta tags for sorting your email based on sender and recipient properties. Added "/silent" sw...

This update consists of maintenance releases for Hasher, Colors and RandPass. The list of changes consists mostly of general performance and multi-language improvements. Upgrading is highly recommended for users whose primary language is not English. One noteworthy change concerns feature limitation...

I would like to introduce a suite of free online tools which might come in handy. You don't need to install applications or write various scripts to perform some quick tasks such as calculating a checksum for a file, generating random passwords, calculating duration between dates, ping and trace an...

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Why were older versions of Renamer removed from the download list
Hi, is there a reason I can't download Renamer 5.5 or Renamer 5.6? For those that don't know, Renamer 5.5 was...
raptor 10 hours ago

If Name = New Name then skip
I've noticed that after renaming there is an Information message that tells us how many files successfully ren...
Stamimail 3 days ago

Consider to put "Repeat:" above "Step:"
Stamimail 9 days ago

Command-Line Use of Rename Links
Excellent! Glad to see we can operate ReNamer from command-line! Thanks for getting back so quickly.
nkormanik 10 days ago

Command-Line Use of Rename Links
Hi Nicholas, have you already read this > ReNamer supports seve...
Stefan 10 days ago

Command-Line Use of Rename Links
Is it possible to create a command-line batch file that sends a folder of files to a rename link that has been...
nkormanik 10 days ago

Suggestion| to set position or selection before applying action (rule)
There are many actions (rules) you want to apply only after you telling the program what position or what sele...
Stamimail 12 days ago
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