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ReNamer 6.9

2 months ago

ReNamer 6.9 has been released! Most notable changes from the user’s point of view: Implemented rule comments. This was one of the most requested features. Rule comments are editable via the rules context menu and visible in the Statement column. See the demo screenshots below. Added a dialog for man...

Shutter 4.2

8 months ago

This is a quick maintenance release for Shutter which adds a couple of new features and fixes few bugs introduced in the previous major release. Summary of changes: Added an option to use an average measurement in CPU Usage, Network Usage and Hard Disk Usage events. Fixed a problem with Hard Disk Us...

Shutter 4.1

9 months ago

A revamped version of Shutter is ready for action! Shutter has undergone a migration to a newer and more productive development environment (Lazarus + Free Pascal). This greatly improves the development capabilities, integration with newer operating systems and facilitated the implementation of exci...

ReNamer 6.8

10 months ago

This is a major update to ReNamer which brings several new features and optimizations. Here are the most significant changes: Presets can be organized into a directory structure (Pro version only). Serialize file names using Decimal digits (0..9), English letters (a..z), Roman numerals (I,II,III,IV,...

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ReNamer - RAW Version?
Thomas Magnum wrote:I now want to format the part "Canon PowerShot G10" to "[Canon PowerShot G10] - ". Change...
den4b 22 days ago

ReNamer - RAW Version?
Hello den4b, now I am close to my wish, thank you so for. One last question. How can I format the String? I no...
Thomas Magnum 23 days ago

Rename emails (*.eml) with subject line
I don't know your name but I'm so grateful for your answer. You're absolutely correct. It's imperative that I...
raynewalker 24 days ago

Updated bulgarian translit file
Hello, OK, I've sent you an e-mail, because probably due to my account being a new one here, I don't have righ...
k_kolev 24 days ago

ReNamer - RAW Version?
You could rearrange it after the fact, using Rearrange or Regular Expression rule. But it may be better to jus...
den4b 24 days ago

Updated bulgarian translit file
I want to submit an updated bulgarian translit file for ReNamer. This one, in comparison with the currently us...
den4b 24 days ago

Rename emails (*.eml) with subject line
You can use Meta Tags to insert email subject line and other email properties into the filename. Add an Insert...
den4b 24 days ago
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