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Shutter 4.4

4 days ago

Shutter 4.4 has been released. Highlights of changes: Added a working directory setting to the Run Program action. Implemented continuous monitoring of the Lid closes/opens event. Visual improvements to the main window. Automatically scroll the list to view the moved event/action. Do not offer to cr...

ReNamer 7.2

5 days ago

ReNamer 7.2 has been released. Highlights of changes: Added an option to strip Unicode marks (combining, diacritics, accents) in the Clean Up rule. Append the preset if SHIFT key is down when clicking on the present menu option, otherwise load normally. Changed the default color used for highlightin...

ReNamer 7.1

10 months ago

ReNamer 7.1 is a major update that brings new features, bug fixes and better support for recent and future operating systems. Highlights of changes: Added options for adjusting date/time parts in the Reformat Date rule. Added context menu options for adding a new rule above or below the currently se...

RandPass 1.6

1 year ago

RandPass 1.6 has been released. This is an exciting release for password geeks as it adds a new method for generating passwords by combining randomly selected words out of various dictionaries (wordlists). This method has been featured in a famous XKCD comic about password strength, which explains i...

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Custom Format
One of the better password generators...however, there's a function I feel could be enhanced, and that's the '...
Bryan 7 hours ago

Start actions at startup
javir3tics wrote:I've added shutter as Windows Service, but the actions don't start :/ :/ :/
javir3tics 9 hours ago

Start actions at startup
Running Shutter as a service is not officially supported and there are various known limitations to functional...
den4b 23 hours ago

Start actions at startup
Hello. What can I do for Shutter start actions automatically without login on Windows Server? Thanks, Javier (...
javir3tics 1 day ago

Hibernation does not work?
Alright, so I will do it. Thank you!
Biff 2 days ago

Hibernation does not work?
Biff wrote:Is it not enough to prevent waking up just with that option I activated the last time "Disable wake...
den4b 2 days ago

Hibernation does not work?
You will find that this is a common issue in Windows 10 if you Google it, and there are ways to prevent it. Ma...
Biff 2 days ago
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