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This update consists of maintenance releases for Hasher, Colors and RandPass. The list of changes consists mostly of general performance and multi-language improvements. Upgrading is highly recommended for users whose primary language is not English. One noteworthy change concerns feature limitation...

I would like to introduce a suite of free online tools which might come in handy. You don't need to install applications or write various scripts to perform some quick tasks such as calculating a checksum for a file, generating random passwords, calculating duration between dates, ping and trace an...

This year a lot of effort went into remaking the entire website. The goal was to make it more modern looking, easier to navigate and allow integration of more complex features, using the latest web technologies of course. To celebrate the launch of the new website we are offering 50% off all renewal...

ReNamer 6.6

4 months ago

ReNamer 6.6 brings a new renaming rule and few other useful features. Here is the summary of most notable changes: Added a new "Padding" rule, used for adding and removing zero padding in number sequences. No more need to use clunky regular expressions for this common task. Implemented an {$INCLUDE}...

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How to close a Shutter instance from another instance
Shadowl0rd wrote:should I use a different Shutter exe with a diferent name (renamed) for each instance for bei...
den4b 15 hours ago

How to close a Shutter instance from another instance
Hi! I use 3 shutters instances I need to close the first instance if an event is tiggered in the second instan...
Shadowl0rd 20 hours ago

Date off by 1 hour
Thanks a lot for a detailed explanation and your time spent investigating this issue! Now it was easy to repro...
den4b 1 day ago

Date off by 1 hour
Hello, I'm experiencing the same problem. I live in Pacific Time Zone, and we have Daylight saving time which...
namer009 2 days ago

[action request] Screenshot
derekz wrote:2.5 years... go Den go :D Better late than never ;)
den4b 4 days ago

Ignore errors when used command line
It will be included in the next release, but there is no planned date yet. You can continue using the latest d...
den4b 4 days ago

[action request] Screenshot
2.5 years... go Den go :D
derekz 5 days ago
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