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Anyone have any great presets to share? Here's mine!

I think it would be awesome if we had a centralized thread for presets.

In the spirit of sharing, I'll go first! These are my most commonly used presets that I have saved in my SendTo folder for quick use. They are all very simple, but when used in combination they are quite useful.

00 SMART Lower Case Underscores.rnp
00 SMART MP3 Renamer.rnp
01 All Lowercase.rnp
01 Capitalize All.rnp
01 Capitalize Preserve.rnp
01 Smart Title Case.rnp
02 Space to Dash.rnp
02 Space to Period.rnp
02 Space to Underscore.rnp
03 Dash to Space.rnp
03 Period to Space.rnp
03 Underscore to Space.rnp
Delete First 1.rnp
Delete First 2.rnp
Delete First 3.rnp
Delete First 4.rnp
Delete First Word Dash Delim.rnp
Delete First Word Period Delim.rnp
Delete First Word Underscore Delim.rnp
Delete First Word.rnp
Delete Last Word Dash Delim.rnp
Delete Last Word Period Delim.rnp
Delete Last Word Underscore Delim.rnp
Delete Last Word.rnp
Extension Lower Case.rnp
Extension to Folder.rnp
Move Up a Directory.rnp
Pad Numbers to 2.rnp
Pad Numbers to 3.rnp
Rename to Folder.rnp
Separate Camel Case.rnp
Strip All Brackets.rnp
Strip Brackets ( ).rnp
Strip Brackets [ ].rnp
Strip Brackets { }.rnp
UI Case.rnp
UI Clean Up.rnp
UI Padding.rnp
UI Prefix.rnp
UI Rearrange.rnp
UI Rename Serialize Folder Name.rnp
UI Rename Serialize.rnp
UI Replace.rnp
UI Suffix.rnp

The presets that are prefixed with "UI" are not meant to rename automatically, but to open the GUI first for fine tuning. The rest are primed to automatically rename.

Here's the dropbox download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sid84ow4fbnlw … s.zip?dl=0

Place into (for the installer version):


Would love to see what all of you have come up with.

To admin: Can we please get a .zip upload allowed?


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Re: Anyone have any great presets to share? Here's mine!

Thank you for sharing!

visusys wrote:

Can we please get a .zip upload allowed?

Yes. Currently, it is not allowed only for new members without any posts.


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