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Resizer 2.2

3 days ago

Resizer 2.2 has been released. Summary of changes: Upgraded the build environment for improved support of newer platforms and other optimizations. Improved the identification of the system language and the options for overriding it. Added Simplified Chinese, Korean and German language files. Updated...

Shutter 4.7

6 months ago

Shutter 4.7 has been released. Summary of changes: Added an event for detecting the full screen mode. Unicode support for retrieving the logged in user name, enumerating processes and killing processes. Replaced time input controls. Avoid potential negative values. Replaced numeric input controls. O...

ReNamer 7.5

1 year ago

ReNamer 7.5 has been released. Highlights of changes: Added new features to the Regular Expressions engine: named groups, non-capturing groups, atomic groups, lookaround (positive and negative), possessive quantifier and Unicode categories. Added an option to remove duplicate extensions. Added IPTC_...

We are updating the pricing and extending the maintenance period in response to economical and sociological turmoil of the recent years. The software development process has been affected by several factors outside of our control. This has negatively impacted the frequency of major releases. To coun...

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New function to Concatenate Arrays?
In v7.5.0.3 Beta several string array management functions were added to Pascal Script. function WideConcatStr...
den4b 2 days ago

Parent and grand parent folder names
In v7.5.0.3 Beta, a new meta tag was added to access the grandparent folder name. Now you can use :File_Folder...
den4b 2 days ago

Shutter does NOT recognize activity
There are many different ways to simulate user activity and to detect user inactivity. Shutter has three diffe...
den4b 2 days ago

Multiple displays with taskbar button where window is open
There is a slight trick you can do to move the taskbar button to the right screen. Move the main window to the...
den4b 2 days ago

Multiple displays with taskbar button where window is open
Thank you for reporting this issue. It appears to be an incompatibility between the relevant taskbar feature a...
den4b 2 days ago

EXIF_Date output format
You can change the date/time format in the Settings » Meta Tags.
den4b 2 days ago

Weiss der Geier
Weiss der Geier wrote:I meant the "Shutter" program. I wanted to start the latest version as shown in the pict...
den4b 2 days ago
If a train station is where the train stops, what's a workstation?
— Roger B. Dannenberg