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Translation Guide

You can easily create translation to any (your) language for ReNamer using notepad (text editor). Steps are simple:

- open blank.txt

- translate provided strings that are tab separated

- make sure that you don't modify original one and type any other surplus characters or commands

- save as "Your language".txt using Unicode encoding and send it to author and/or eR@SeR for analysis

Here is an example of translated strings:

About О Програму

Author: Аутор:

Denis Kozlov Денис Козлов (Translation: Name Surname - username@domain.com)

Note: Be aware that future versions of ReNamer could bring more strings, so if you have free time translate them also and resend Language.txt file. If you have any questions about this or you finished your hard work, send them to eR@SeR using built-in e-mail option. You have to register at den4b forum in order to do that. Enjoy in translating ;-)