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| Settings  
| Settings  
| F8  
| F8  
| See [http://den4b.com/wiki/index.php/ReNamer:Menus_for_the_Files_pane Menus for Files pane] for settings.
| See [[ReNamer:Menus_for_the_Files_pane| Menus for Files pane]] for settings.
| General  
| General  

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In this appendix, all the menus and context menu options are described.

Main menu

Menu option Keyboard Shortcut What it does...
File CTRL+N Create a new project. Clear all rules and files.
Undo SHFT+CTRL+Z Reverses the effect of the last operation.
Paste SHFT+CTRL+V Pastes the selection of files into the Files pane.
Add files F3 Starts a window to select specific file(s) from any folder and add them to the Files pane.
Add folders F4 Starts a window to add all files from a chosen folder (behavior depends on Filter settings)
Preview F4 Manual preview (not required in auto-preview mode)
Rename F5 Renames the file as shown in the New Names column in the Files pane.
Exit ALT+F4 Closes the application
Settings F8 See Menus for Files pane for settings.
General Shows the General tab of the Settings dialog.
Preview Shows the Preview tab of the Settings dialog.
Rename Shows the Rename tab of the Settings dialog.
Meta tags Pops up a window like this, from where meta tags can be selected:


Miscellaneous Shows the Miscellaneous tab of the Settings dialog.
Filters ALT+F Changes the default behavior when adding folders.
Presets > Load Opens a submenu as a list of all available presets. Click on the preset to open.
Save As... CTRL+S Save current preset.
Manage CTRL+M Open Preset Manager dialog.
Browse... Browse to folder where presets are stored (via Windows Explorer).
Import... Select presets from file system which should be copied in to ReNamer's presets folder.
Create links The following window pops up:


Shortcuts will be created for every available preset and placed in the selected folder. If "Load with Preset" option is selected, linked preset will be loaded automatically with ReNamer. If "Rename with Preset" option is selected, linked preset will be loaded and all files which were sent to the link will be automatically renamed. For more information please check Command Line usage.

WARNING: Be careful with "Rename with Preset" option as it will rename files without asking user for confirmation.

Rescan Scan preset folder for new presets. Useful if you have manually modified the content of the presets folder.
Help > User Manual ALT+F1 Opens User Manual file which is distributed with the application (PDF file).
Donate Pops up a window like this:
What's new Pops up a window like this:


About F1 Pops up a window like this: