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*** Basic String Handling Routines ***

procedure Insert(Source: String; var S: String; Index: Integer);

procedure Delete(var S: String; Index, Count: Integer);

function Copy(S: String; Index, Count: Integer): String;

function Pos(Substr: String; S: String): Integer;

*** Length Managing Routines ***

procedure SetLength(var S: Array; NewLength: Integer);

procedure SetLength(var S: String; NewLength: Integer);

procedure SetLength(var S: WideString; NewLength: Integer);

function Length(const S: Array): Integer;

function Length(const S: String): Integer;

function Length(const S: WideString): Integer;

*** Unicode String Handling Routines ***

procedure WideInsert(const Substr: WideString; var Dest: WideString; Index: Integer);

procedure WideDelete(var S: WideString; Index, Count: Integer);

procedure WideSetLength(var S: WideString; NewLength: Integer);

function WideLength(const S: WideString): Integer;

function WideCopy(const S: WideString; Index, Count: Integer): WideString;

function WidePos(const SubStr, S: WideString): Integer;

function WidePosEx(const SubStr, S: WideString; Offset: Cardinal): Integer;

function WideUpperCase(const S: WideString): WideString;

function WideLowerCase(const S: WideString): WideString;

function WideCompareStr(const S1, S2: WideString): Integer;

function WideCompareText(const S1, S2: WideString): Integer;

function WideSameText(const S1, S2: WideString): Boolean;

function WideTextPos(const SubStr, S: WideString): Integer;

function WideTrim(const S: WideString): WideString;

function WideReplaceStr(const S, OldPattern, NewPattern: WideString): WideString;

function WideReplaceText(const S, OldPattern, NewPattern: WideString): WideString;

function WideSplitString(const Input, Delimiter: WideString): TStringsArray;

function WideCaseCapitalize(const S: WideString): WideString;

function WideCaseInvert(const S: WideString): WideString;

*** Meta Tags Extraction ***

function CalculateMetaTag(const FilePath: WideString; const MetaTagName String): String;

*** Regular Expressions ***

function ReplaceRegEx(const Input, Find, Replace: WideString; const CaseSensitive, UseSubstitution: Boolean): WideString;

function MatchesRegEx(const Input, Find: WideString; const CaseSensitive: Boolean): TStringsArray;

function SubMatchesRegEx(const Input, Find: WideString; const CaseSensitive: Boolean): TStringsArray;

*** Unicode Character Handling Routines ***

function IsWideCharUpper(WC: WideChar): Boolean;

function IsWideCharLower(WC: WideChar): Boolean;

function IsWideCharDigit(WC: WideChar): Boolean;

function IsWideCharSpace(WC: WideChar): Boolean;

function IsWideCharPunct(WC: WideChar): Boolean;

function IsWideCharCntrl(WC: WideChar): Boolean;

function IsWideCharBlank(WC: WideChar): Boolean;

function IsWideCharXDigit(WC: WideChar): Boolean;

function IsWideCharAlpha(WC: WideChar): Boolean;

function IsWideCharAlphaNumeric(WC: WideChar): Boolean;

function WideCharUpper(const WC: WideChar): WideChar;

function WideCharLower(const WC: WideChar): WideChar;

*** Unicode Conversion Routines ***

function WideToAnsi(const WS: WideString): String;

function AnsiToWide(const S: String): WideString;

function UTF8Encode(const WS: WideString): String;

function UTF8Decode(const S: String): WideString;

*** Basic Conversion Routines ***

function IntToStr(Value: Integer): String;

function StrToInt(const S: String): Integer;

function StrToIntDef(const S: String; const Default: Integer): Integer;

function DateToStr(D: TDateTime): String;

function StrToDate(const S: String): TDateTime;

function IntToHex(Value: Integer; Digits: Integer): String;

function HexToInt(const HexNum: String): Integer;

function HexToIntDef(const HexNum: String; Default: Integer): Integer;

function Chr(X: Byte): Char;

function Ord(X: Char): Byte;

*** Date And Time Routines ***

function Date: TDateTime;

function Time: TDateTime;

function Now: TDateTime;

function EncodeDate(Year, Month, Day: Word): TDateTime;

function EncodeTime(Hour, Min, Sec, MSec: Word): TDateTime;

function TryEncodeDate(Year, Month, Day: Word; var Date: TDateTime): Boolean;

function TryEncodeTime(Hour, Min, Sec, MSec: Word; var Time: TDateTime): Boolean;

procedure DecodeDate(const DateTime: TDateTime; var Year, Month, Day: Word);

procedure DecodeTime(const DateTime: TDateTime; var Hour, Min, Sec, MSec: Word);

function DayOfWeek(const DateTime: TDateTime): Word;

function DateTimeToUnix(D: TDateTime): Int64;

function UnixToDateTime(U: Int64): TDateTime;

function FormatDateTime(const fmt: String; D: TDateTime): String;

function IncYear(const AValue: TDateTime; const ANumberOfYears: Integer): TDateTime;

function IncMonth(const AValue: TDateTime; ANumberOfMonths: Integer): TDateTime;

function IncWeek(const AValue: TDateTime; const ANumberOfWeeks: Integer): TDateTime;

function IncDay(const AValue: TDateTime; const ANumberOfDays: Integer): TDateTime;

function IncHour(const AValue: TDateTime; const ANumberOfHours: Int64): TDateTime;

function IncMinute(const AValue: TDateTime; const ANumberOfMinutes: Int64): TDateTime;

function IncSecond(const AValue: TDateTime; const ANumberOfSeconds: Int64): TDateTime;

function IncMilliSecond(const AValue: TDateTime; const ANumberOfMilliSeconds: Int64): TDateTime;

*** File Management Routines ***

function WideFileSize(const FileName: WideString): Int64;

function WideFileExists(const FileName: WideString): Boolean;

function WideDirectoryExists(const Directory: WideString): Boolean;

function WideForceDirectories(Dir: WideString): Boolean;

function WideCreateDir(const Dir: WideString): Boolean;

function WideDeleteFile(const FileName: WideString): Boolean;

function WideRenameFile(const OldName, NewName: WideString): Boolean;

function WideFileSearch(const Name, DirList: WideString): WideString;

function WideGetCurrentDir: WideString;

function WideSetCurrentDir(const Dir: WideString): Boolean;

procedure WideScanDirForFiles(Dir: WideString; var Files: TStringsArray; const Recursive, IncludeHidden, IncludeSystem: Boolean; const Mask: WideString);

procedure WideScanDirForFolders(Dir: WideString; var Folders: TStringsArray; const Recursive, IncludeHidden, IncludeSystem: Boolean);

*** File Name Utilities ***

function WideExtractFilePath(const FileName: WideString): WideString;

function WideExtractFileDir(const FileName: WideString): WideString;

function WideExtractFileDrive(const FileName: WideString): WideString;

function WideExtractFileName(const FileName: WideString): WideString;

function WideExtractBaseName(const FileName: WideString): WideString;

function WideExtractFileExt(const FileName: WideString): WideString;

function WideChangeFileExt(const FileName, Extension: WideString): WideString;

function WideStripExtension(const FileName: WideString): WideString;

function WideExpandFileName(const FileName: WideString): WideString;

function WideExtractRelativePath(const BaseName, DestName: WideString): WideString;

function WideExtractShortPathName(const FileName: WideString): WideString;

function WideIncludeTrailingPathDelimiter(const S: WideString): WideString;

function WideExcludeTrailingPathDelimiter(const S: WideString): WideString;

function WideSameFileName(const S1, S2: WideString): Boolean;

function WideGetEnvironmentVar(const VarName: WideString): WideString;

*** File Read/Write Routines ***

function FileReadFragment(const FileName: WideString; Start, Length: Integer): String;

function FileReadLine(const FileName: WideString; LineNum: Integer): String;

function FileCountLines(const FileName: WideString): Integer;

function FileReadContent(const FileName: WideString): String;

procedure FileWriteContent(const FileName: WideString; const Content: String);

procedure FileAppendContent(const FileName: WideString; const Content: String);

*** File Properties Routines ***

function FileTimeModified(const FileName: WideString): TDateTime;

function FileTimeCreated(const FileName: WideString): TDateTime;

function SetFileTimeCreated(const FileName: WideString; const DateTime: TDateTime): Boolean;

function SetFileTimeModified(const FileName: WideString; const DateTime: TDateTime): Boolean;

*** Process Execution Routines ***

function ShellOpenFile(const FileName: WideString): Boolean;

function ExecuteProgram(const Command: String; WaitForProgram: Boolean): Cardinal;

function ExecConsoleApp(const CommandLine: String; out Output: String): Cardinal;

*** Interactive Dialogs ***

procedure ShowMessage(const Msg: String);

procedure WideShowMessage(const Msg: WideString);

function DialogYesNo(const Msg: String): Boolean;

function WideDialogYesNo(const Msg: WideString): Boolean;

function InputBox(const ACaption, APrompt, ADefault: String): String;

function InputQuery(const ACaption, APrompt: String; var Value: String): Boolean;

function WideInputBox(const ACaption, APrompt, ADefault: WideString): WideString;

function WideInputQuery(const ACaption, APrompt: WideString; var Value: WideString): Boolean;

*** Other Routines ***

procedure Randomize();

procedure Sleep(Milliseconds: Cardinal);

procedure DivMod(Dividend: Integer; Divisor: Word; var Result, Remainder: Word);

procedure SetClipboardText(const S: WideString);

function GetClipboardText: WideString;

function RandomRange(const AFrom, ATo: Integer): Integer;

function Base64Encode(const S: String): String;

function Base64Decode(const S: String): String;

function GetTickCount: Cardinal;

function SizeOf(X): Integer;