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Find the build-in functions there >

That are:

For e.g. "C:\GreatGrand\GrandParent\ParentFolder\file.ext"

The always available variable 'FilePath' and 'FileName':

Variable provides
FilePath C:\GreatGrand\GrandParent\ParentFolder\file.ext
FileName file.ext

And this functions to extract parts:

Function provides
WideExtractFilePath C:\GreatGrand\GrandParent\ParentFolder\
WideExtractFileDir C:\GreatGrand\GrandParent\ParentFolder
WideExtractFileDrive C:\
WideExtractFileName file.ext
WideExtractBaseName file
WideExtractFileExt ext

But this functions didn't gave all possibilities to split an full path into all wanted parts.
You have to know how to handle this functions and/or use own code to achieve what you want.

Here are some code snippets for this issue:

First an 'trick' seen by Denis:

nested Functions provides
WideExtractFileName(WideExtractFileDir(FilePath)); ParentFolder
WideExtractFileName(WideExtractFileDir(WideExtractFileDir(FilePath))); GrandParent
WideExtractFileName(WideExtractFileDir(WideExtractFileDir(WideExtractFileDir(FilePath)))); GreatGrand

Use this like:

  ParentFolder, GrandParent, GreatGrandParent: WideString;
  ParentFolder := WideExtractFileName(WideExtractFileDir(FilePath));
  GrandParent := WideExtractFileName(WideExtractFileDir(WideExtractFileDir(FilePath)));
  GreatGrandParent := WideExtractFileName(WideExtractFileDir(WideExtractFileDir(WideExtractFileDir(FilePath))));
  FileName := GreatGrandParent +'-'+GrandParent + '-'+ParentFolder + '-' + FileName;

Here is an another way by splitting the path at the back slash into an array 'Folders':

  Folders: TStringsArray; 
  oldPath, ParentFolder, GrandParentFolder, GrandGrandParentFolder, TopMostFolder, SecondTopMostFolder: WideString;


    // Get parts of the current file path:
  oldPath := WideExtractFileDir(FilePath);
  Folders := WideSplitString(oldPath, '\'); 
  TopMostFolder          := Folders[1];
  SecondTopMostFolder    := Folders[2];
  GrandGrandParentFolder := Folders[Length(Folders)-3];
  GrandParentFolder      := Folders[Length(Folders)-2];
  ParentFolder           := Folders[Length(Folders)-1];

  FileName := SecondTopMostFolder +'-'+GrandParent + '-'+ParentFolder + '-' + FileName;

And there is Regular Expression to extract the parts:

  Parent := ReplaceRegEx(FilePath, '.+\\(.+)\\.+', '$1', False, True);
  GrandPa := ReplaceRegEx(FilePath, '.+\\(.+)\\.+\\.+', '$1', False, True);
  GrandGrandPa := ReplaceRegEx(FilePath, '.+\\(.+)\\.+\\.+\\.+', '$1', False, True);

But note that RegEx is slow by its nature.

And there are Meta Tags to extract e.g. the parent folder

ParentFolder := CalculateMetaTag(FilePath, ':File_FolderName:');

See 'Insert' Rule and click there at 'Insert Meta Tag'

To split file name into parts at an delimiter we can use f.ex.:

E.g. for
"my fav artist - title album song.mp3"
"My Fav Artist - Title album song.mp3"

  Delimiter, Extension, Part1, Part2, Part2Char1, Part2Rest: WideString;
  PosOfDelimiter: Integer;
  Delimiter := '-';
  PosOfDelimiter := Pos(Delimiter, FileName);

  if (PosOfDelimiter > 0) then
       Extension  := WideExtractFileExt(FileName)
       Part1      := WideCopy(WideExtractBaseName(FileName), 1, PosOfDelimiter -2);
       Part2      := WideCopy(WideExtractBaseName(FileName), PosOfDelimiter +2, Length(FileName));
       Part2Char1 := WideCopy(Part2, 1, 1);
       Part2Rest  := WideCopy(Part2, 2, Length(Part2)-1);

       //ShowMessage('Debug: #' + Part1 + '#' + Part2 + '#'  + Part2Char1 + '#' + Part2Rest + '#');

       FileName := WideCaseCapitalize(Part1)
                  + ' ' + Delimiter + ' '
                  + WideUpperCase(Part2Char1) + WideLowerCase(Part2Rest)
                  + WideUpperCase(Extension);