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WideUpperCase or How to uppercase the filename

In this chapter we will learn how to achieve goals similar to the Case rule.

UPPERCASE and lowercase

First, we will uppercase the filename and lowercase the extention. We will use WideUpperCase and WideLowerCase functions that take a string as a parameter and return that string in proper case.

FileName := WideUpperCase(WideExtractBaseName(FileName))
  + WideLowerCase(WideExtractFileExt(FileName));

Capitalize Every Word

We can also capitalize every word with WideCaseCapitalize function:

FileName := WideCaseCapitalize(WideExtractBaseName(FileName)) +


For inverting case we will use WideCaseInvert function:

FileName := WideCaseInvert(FileName);

First letter capital

Making only first letter capital is a bit more complex and will be described in the next chapter.