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{{{iparam}}} This is an outdated article which was replaced by a Quick Guide.

Click on the ReNamer Icon.png ReNamer icon to start the program.

The window shown below - is where you will do most of your processing. It consists of two toolbars which control the Files and Rules. The Rules Area is used to specify the processing for your name changes, and the Files Area is used for displaying the Input & Output file names. As seen from the image, file names are displayed both "before" and "after" the name change.

You create the Rules, which are then used to change the file names. You get to choose the Rules you need and configure them to do what you want. Your Rules can be added, edited, deleted, and moved up or down in the processing sequence. There are four basic steps to processing files in ReNamer. These steps are performed using the several buttons that are explained in the table below.

ReNamer Quick Start.gif

Four basic steps to renaming

Icon Step 1.gif Select the files that you wish to rename. Alternatively, you can drag & drop or copy & paste your files into the main window.
Icon Step 2.gif Create rules which will change the file names. Once you press the button, a separate dialog will come up with a list of available rules and their configuration, as show on the screenshot below:

ReNamer Quick Start Add Rules.gif

Icon Step 3.gif Manually execute the rules and display the name changes by pressing the Preview button. This step is not necessary when the "Auto Preview" option is checked (default).
Icon Step 4.gif When you are satisfied with the results of all your name changes, you finalize everything by renaming the files (with the Rename button), making your file name changes permanent.