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The process of renaming folders requires a little more attention as opposed to the process of renaming only files. Folders may require extra care because they are containers of items (other folders and files). Renaming a folder also affects all of its content.

A problem can occur when users are trying to rename folders and their content in a single run. Items in the renaming list are processed from top to bottom, meaning that items at the top of the list will get renamed first and items at the bottom of the the list will get renamed last. The order of items in this case is extremely important for successful renaming.

Important: Parent folders must always appear below their contained items. This can be easily achieved by sorting items in descending order by Folder or Path column.

Otherwise, you might end up trying to rename the parent folder first and then contained files and subfolders which will fail to rename because their paths would be changed after renaming their parent folder. Example: If you have "C:\Folder" folder and inside "C:\Folder\File" file, and you rename "C:\Folder" first, then "C:\Folder\File" will fail to rename because it will not be found, its path would be changed by a first renaming operation.

Note: Remember to configure filter settings to be able to add folders as items to the renaming list.

Incorrect renaming

Preview Rename
ReNamer Folder Rename Bad Before.png ReNamer Folder Rename Bad After.png
Items as they appear after they were added, no sorting.

Correct renaming

Preview Rename
ReNamer Folder Rename Good Before.png ReNamer Folder Rename Good After.png
Items after they were sorted in descending order by Folder column.