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Case Rule


This rule changes the case of the filename. Options are: capitalize, to lower case, to upper case, invert case, and put only first letter capital (as in a sentence).

There is also an option to force case for specific text-fragments, such as CD, DVD, RF, etc. These fragments would not look natural in any other case (e.g. cd, dvd, rf), so the rule allows you to prevent changing the case of such terms in one stroke.

The parameters are as follows:

Parameter Details
Case change Several options are offered.
  • The case of each option itself illustrates how that option works. For example, Capitalise Every Word.
  • Invert case will change all capital letters in the filename to lowercased ones, and all lowercased letters to capitalized ones.
  • The (none of the above) option is provided to disable the case conversions listed on the left, so you could independently operate the two options listed on the right side.
Skip extension If this check box is selected, the extension will be ignored by the rule.
Force case for fragments

This option forces the case of specified text-fragments (strings) in the file name.

Note: This check box is coupled with the box below it. (Enter the fragments in the box and then activate the option by selecting the check box.)

  • You can set any case for the strings (ALLCAPS, Only first letter capitalalized, lowercase, MixedCase, etc.)
  • You can specify multiple strings at a time, each with its own case format. To separate the strings from each other, put a comma between them.
    (Note: In versions prior to v5.50, a space was used instead of a comma.)
  • The case for these strings will be set exactly as entered in the box, regardless of the options selected in Case change list.

Here are some typical examples of such strings:




Only the First letter capitalized

Java, India, English, Sunday, Easter, February

Mixed case

OpenSUSE, OpenOffice, ReNamer

Extension always lower case Forces the extension to lowercase.

Note: This setting overrides any other setting that can alter the extension. For example, consider a case where the ALL UPPER CASE option is selected and the skip extension option is deselected. Logically, the extension should be converted into ALLCAPS. But if the Extension always lower case option is selected, the case of the extension will be converted to lowercase.This setting will override even the fragments case-conversion.