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# strip consecutive dots
# strip consecutive dots
# strip '#', '%', '~', '&'
# strip '#', '%', '~', '&'
# replace “{“ and “}” with “(“ and “)”
# replace { and } with ( and )

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CleanUp Rule


This rule cleans up the filenames from/for commonly used naming conventions for internet, peer-to-peer networks, and other resources. Multiple problems can be removed at once.

The parameters are as follows:

Strip out content of brackets Often files carry needless comments in brackets, such as (best!!).

Such comments can be removed with the brackets.

You can select any/all of the various types of brackets.

Replace characters with spaces These characters occurring in the file names are removed and a space is inserted in their place.
Prepare for SharePoint Prepares the file for hosting it on Microsoft Sharepoint.
  1. strip standard forbidden filename characters
  2. strip consecutive dots
  3. strip '#', '%', '~', '&'
  4. replace { and } with ( and )

Skip extension If this check box is unselected, the extension will be included in the rule.