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Delete Rule


This rule will delete all characters located between the From and the Until points. Optionally, it can delete from the specified position till the end of the name.

The parameters are as follows:

Parameter Details
From Select either:
  • The position (count starts from 1)
  • The delimiter string (Note that typically , . / ( ) - and space are used as delimiters, but you can specify any letter/digit/sign or even couple of signs as delimiter) .
Until Same as above. In addition, you have the till the end option.
  • You can use two different delimiters in From and Until sections.
Skip extension If this check box is unselected, the extension will be included in the rule.
right-to-left We could say the From and Until positions would switch places. (The From point is at the right side and the Until point is on the left).
  • When this option is selected, the "till the end" option in Until deletes all characters on the left (what we regard as the beginning of the name)

To keep the last four chars at the right only, use

From                 Until
  (o)Position 5     (o)Till the end

[x] Skip extension   [x] Right-to-left

Do not remove delimiter Will retain the delimiters
  • If you have used two different delimiters in From and Until sections, both of them will be retained.