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This script moves a specific portion of a filename to a different position.


Author: Denis Kozlov. Date: 13 February 2007.

The starting position of the portion, its length and the new position are specifed by constants: MOVE_START, MOVE_LENGTH, MOVE_TO.

<syntaxhighlight lang="pascal"> const

 MOVE_START = 5;  // beginning of the movable portion
 MOVE_LENGTH = 3; // length of the movable portion
 MOVE_TO = 3;     // new position for the portion


 BaseName, Portion: WideString;


 BaseName := WideExtractBaseName(FileName);
 Portion := WideCopy(BaseName, MOVE_START, MOVE_LENGTH);
 WideDelete(BaseName, MOVE_START, MOVE_LENGTH);
 WideInsert(Portion, BaseName, MOVE_TO);
 FileName := BaseName + WideExtractFileExt(FileName);