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Ping Stops in milliseconds

1. Ping Stops in milliseconds.(most wanted)
I want to ping my ISP gateway, and anything over 100ms isn't good for my game server.

2. Certain amount of continue timeouts then trigger action.
1% packet loss should be still consider acceptable, 1 timeout kinda of "normal" if ping anything except LAN, so there must be lots false alarm.

3.Ping Interval.
someone suggested this before, but you said just increase the number in the "seconds" box, but that's not cool.

Few years ago, you said no space to add more stuff, why so important to make it look "small", rather make it more useful, alright, I still want you add them to "options", let us choose "second" or "millisecond". it will make the Ping Stops 10 times more useful if add all 3.



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Re: Ping Stops in milliseconds

Relevant changes in Shutter Beta:

* Added ping interval parameter to the Ping Stops event.
* Increased timeout of the Ping function from 2 to 4 seconds.

The ability to check ping latency is still on the feature suggestion list.


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