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Appearance modifications, show only graph...

Is there anyway to get rid of those buttons (close, minimize, options?, and the  "+") on CPUMon application so that only the graph shows? 
The functionality for options could be initiated by "right-clicking" the graph itself.  This way, the application would be very pleasing and avoids accidental closing / minimizing (as some of us keep it towards top-right, other applications' close buttons are there as well)..

Any thoughts?


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Re: Appearance modifications, show only graph...

I like the idea of hiding the control buttons when they are not needed. But "right-clicking" will not work very well because when the main window is transparent you will actually click through to the window/desktop behind CPUMon. To make a right click in CPUMon you will have to hit that 1-2px spot on the graph lines or on text.

As a side idea: Control buttons are now hidden after 3 seconds and automatically shown when mouse is moved over the main window. Implemented in CPUMon 1.70.3 Beta.


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