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Why am I banned?

Here you can find out why you got banned or blocked, and what to do after.

The Forum is using local and publicly available black lists to prevent registration attempts of human spammers and spam bots. If you are a legitimate user and still get a message upon registration stating that your IP or email address have been blocked/banned, please contact technical support directly by email (found in About window of all products) providing your desired username and an account will be manually created for you with a random password, which you'll be able to change later.

To find out why you might have been banned, I suggest checking the following popular black lists:

If, however, you have managed to register and got banned after participating in the forum, you may have been banned for not following the rules of the forum. If you would like to object to this verdict, feel free to drop an email, but note that in most cases users get banned for a very good reason.


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