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Just dreaming - ctrl-h search & replace

I just had a wild thought... wouldn't it be nice in Windows Explorer to just highlight a group of files and press ctrl-H, like in Word, to bring up a search and replace dialog for the selected filenames.

I love ReNamer, but sometimes the task is too simple...like just changing the version number on a group of files.  Such as "v03" --> "v04" in the selected filenames. Sure ReNamer can do this, but it does take quite a few clicks if it is just a once off simple substitution.

Just daydreaming. Maybe there is a super quick way to do such a simple task.

ps In Windows Explorer, ctrl-H brings up History panel. Gee, I never even knew Windows Explorer had a History panel! It seems to be a combination of Internet history + recent documents. Actually, that could come in handy some day tongue


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Re: Just dreaming - ctrl-h search & replace

It is a wild thought, but a good point as well! The more features I add to ReNamer, the harder it becomes to keep it as simple as possible. I'm afraid there is nothing I could do, to simplify that task. Unless, I make another program particularly for that task, which will work like in MS Word, popup search and replace dialog for selected filenames when you press ctrl+h wink


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