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Hooker is coming back!

Due to popular demand this tool is coming back!

Hooker has been put on a back shelf some time ago with a sticker "no longer being developed nor supported". This was done mainly because of complexities involved in development of such an application, i.e. keyboard activity logger. Adding to that the whole controversy around morality of its use.

Anyhow, from development point of view there are no inherently good or evil applications, it's rather the "use" of application that defines it. Hooker is NOT indented to be used for stealing people's passwords. It was primarily a software development exploration, which could be used for tasks such as record keeping of your own activity or parent control.

This update brings some improvements in the user interface and more importantly capability of handling Unicode characters.

Here is what's new in Hooker 3.0:

* Key logger can now record Unicode characters;
* Clipboard capture can now record Unicode text;
* Email, FTP and log files content is encoding in UTF-8;
* Maximum length or recorded clipboard text changed from 50 to 100;
* CTRL + A combination is recorded as <ALL>;
* Fixed issue with restoring correct position when returning to normal mode;
* Corrected Tab order of components in the Settings window;
* Built-in registration facility;
* Added Terms of Use dialog;
* Added release date to the About dialog;
* Added purchase and compare editions options;
* Public and Private versions are now known as "Lite" and "Pro";
* Hooker is now shown on the task bar when not hidden;
* Start/Stop actions are greyed out when not applicable;
* Log viewer can handle searching of Unicode text;


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