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Hooker 3.2

The recently revived Hooker application got a complete "face lift".

The core components have been completely rewritten to address a number of important issues, for example: minimized impact on the system and interference with tracked applications, correctly handle dead keys (accents and other combining characters), correctly capture activity in 64-bit processes, ability to capture active window information, ability to filter by process names and window titles. The significance of this update deserved a double version bump.

Complete list of changes in Hooker 3.2:

* Reimplemented hook library to allow future improvements;
* Moved most of the processing from hook library to the host application;
* Fixed problem with detecting keyboard layout in 64-bit processes;
* CTRL + KEY combinations are logged as <CTRL+KEY> tags;
* Fixed handling of dead keys, they are no longer silently consumed;
* Log hex code of unknown non-printable characters as <#XX>;
* Better capturing of active process information;
* Capturing of active window information;
* Added option to provide debug log output;
* Application no longer terminates on startup errors;
* Allow filtering of captured data by process or window name;
* Repeated keys are no longer buffered and displayed as <*X>;
* Status bar panels are automatically resized for better fit;
* Refactored settings window;
* Fixed problem with incorrectly decoded Unicode data in the Log Viewer;


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