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CPUMon 2.0

CPUMon received a refreshed look and a few frequently requested features.

You no longer have to choose between the tray icon mode and graph mode, now you can have both at the same time as well as either, as before. The tray icon images have been updated to work with any style or theme of your desktop.

Few small graphical hiccups have been ironed out to make the visual presentation as clean as possible. Those control buttons that needlessly occupied precious pixels on your desktop will now hide themselves automatically after 3 seconds. And a new higher resolution vectorized application icon will add some style.

Here is a full list of changes in CPUMon 2.0:

* Updated application icon using a vectorized version;
* Updated tray icon images, cleaner and with non-transparent background;
* Combined "CPU Explorer" and "CPU Features" dialogs into "CPU Information";
* Added option to show memory usage as percentage instead of MB;
* Rearranged settings by moving visual options to a new tab;
* Built-in registration facility and Terms of Use dialog;
* Free version is now known as "Lite" and licensed version as "Pro";
* Added purchase and compare editions options to the Help menu;
* Added splash logo label, shown during first 5 seconds;
* Various performance improvements;
* Added thousands separators;
* Updated donation URL;
* Removed 0 and 100 axis labels from the graph;
* Slightly wider and taller graphs for better use of the available space;
* Changed font on the graph axis labels to avoid font smoothing side effects which caused the background color to show up on the font edges;
* Control buttons are now hidden after 3 seconds and automatically shown when mouse is moved over the main window;
* Added "Hide tray icon when main window is visible" option and by default the tray icon is always visible;
* Refactored tray icon code and moved into a separate unit;
* Changed how "Always on top" option is applied, it now requires a restart;
* Translation field in the About dialog became more apparent;
* Right click on the white header of the About dialog will place application's version information in to the clipboard;
* Corrected tab order of checkboxes in the settings;


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