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ReNamer 5.74 for Christmas

A small update for ReNamer just in time for Christmas.

We have really good news for those of us who ever needed to organize backups of their emails exported from Outlook. You can now use native Outlook date associated with the email via "Outlook_DateSent" meta tag to serialize your emails. Also, few minor issues with CSV/TXT and clipboard import/export functionality have been ironed out.

Full list of changes in ReNamer 5.74:

* Ability to extract date from all Outlook MSG files, including from Sent Items for which it was not possible previously;
* Outlook_DateSent meta tag now uses native Outlook dates instead of the "Date" email header value which is not present in some files;
* Added Outlook_DateHeader meta tag to keep the old behaviour of the Outlook_DateSent tag, extracting the "Date" email header value;
* Added Outlook_Body meta tag to extract email body, it may not be practical for direct use in filename but can be useful in PascalScript;
* Outlook meta tags now work on Unicode filenames;
* Fixed incorrect ordering of imported/exported new names via clipboard when files were re-ordered prior to the import/export;
* Importing of file paths and new names from CSV/TXT file now works with a single column, while previously two columns where required;
* Internal optimization of exporting of file paths to CSV/TXT file;
* Added confirmation dialog before unregistering the product;
* License expiration is checked against UTC date instead of local;
* Updated donation URL;


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