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Let's benefit from the Internet in common!

Hi everyone! I would like to discuss some topic which is rather popular nowadays.
What is your opinion about all this internet services and purchasing goods online?
I am a little bit concerned about it, if everything is honest and they can not piss you down?
I suggest to exchange links on reliable the Internet shops. Thank you in advance.


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Re: Let's benefit from the Internet in common!

Yea.. this topic becomes more of a concern rather then of an interest. So many rip-offs everywhere, and because it is so simple do - any child can do it. The only internet shop that I can barely trust is Amazon (used it many times), and perhaps eBay (haven't used it).

The best thing to do before buying something in an online shop which you have never tried before - is searching on Google. Just type in the name of the shop, and let the Google tell you the story behind it. If shop is ripping people off - you'll be sure to find some stories about it. wink

Also, there are several big sites that are used for reporting/reviewing internet shops, for example: http://www.epinions.com/


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Re: Let's benefit from the Internet in common!

Use a REAL credit card and not a debit card.   If you have poor credit then be sure the debit card is branded either VISA- or mastercard.  ALSO be sure to attach it to a minimally funded checking account.

I've had to file fraud complaints a few times and American Express has been the easiest. 

Buy from shops in your own respective country to make legal actions easier.   

Do not trust 'review' sites that allow merchants to delete negative feedback or that allows them to 'reset' their feedback ratings to wipe out a streak of negative history.

Call the store before buying.  Try to contact them other ways.  If they aren't responsive PRE-sales you can imagine how horrific it will be to contact them after purchasing.


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