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Alternative payment option: 2Checkout

Today the alternative payment option went live. Now you have a choice of either paying trough PayPal or let 2Checkout process your credit/debit card directly, without the need of creating any accounts.

Up until today there was only one supported payment option - through PayPal. Most of you have probably heard and used PayPal at some stage. Unfortunately, since last year there has been increase in amount of bad publicity surrounding PayPal and negative customer feedback, up to a point where people would refuse using it altogether.

Also, since this site switched to a different PayPal account last year (due to restructuring) we lost ability that allowed customers to make a purchase without having to creating a PayPal account. I've talked to PayPal and they were not able to address this issue. And so I've started looking for an alternative payment system.

This is where 2Checkout comes in! "Accept Payments. Globally. Accept Credit Cards, PayPal, and Debit Cards." - is their slogan. After reading experiences of other people and learning their integration guides I decided to give them a try.

It might still be a bit rough around the edges, so please report if you experience any issues.


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