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ReNamer 6.2

A big update for ReNamer which brings many improvements, particularly in localization and meta tags areas. I'll let the long list of changes below speak for itself.

Full list of changes in ReNamer 6.2:

* Added Indonesian language PO file;
* Updated Japanese and Russian language PO files;
* Split filter settings into default and session settings; Any modifications to filters now apply to session settings, with an option to use them as defaults;
* Extract MP3_TrackNo, MP3_DiskNo, WMA_TrackNo, WMA_DiskNo from numeric track and disk tags, in addition to standard "X/Y" format;
* Added WMA_TrackTotal meta tag;
* Deprecated MP3_PartOfSet and WMA_PartOfSet tags in favor of respective MP3_DiskNo/MP3_DiskTotal and WMA_DiskNo/WMA_DiskTotal tags;
* Trim new lines at the end of system formatted renaming errors;
* Renamed ID3_* meta tags to MP3_* (ID3_* will remain as hidden aliases);
* Internal cleanup of handling of MP3_* meta tags;
* Do not pad with zeros MP3_TrackNo and WMA_TrackNo meta tags;
* Handle Unicode data in FLAC_* meta tags;
* Added Portuguese translit alphabet;
* Added FLAC_AlbumArtist, FLAC_TrackTotal, FLAC_DiscNo, FLAC_DiscTotal meta tags;
* Added MP3_TrackTotal, MP3_DiskNo, MP3_DiskTotal meta tags;
* Added WMA_AlbumArtist, WMA_DiskNo, WMA_DiskTotal, WMA_PartOfSet meta tags;
* Fixed non-string tag handling issues in WMA files;
* Broader range of supported WMA files (no limits on SampleRate, ByteRate, etc);
* Converted WMA_TrackNo meta tag from 0-based to 1-based;
* Fixed limitation of FLAC library which prevented processing of files containing artwork/picture;
* Fixed encoding conversion issue with the renaming error message;
* Updated Chinese Simplified (zh_CN) translation file;
* Updated Russian (ru) translation file;
* Fixed issue with cut off last character in meta tags from FLAC files;
* Added uninstaller icon;
* Improved registration handling;
* Provide more information regarding invalid licenses;
* Implemented measures to prevent reverse engineering;
* Fixed issue with always centering non-main forms;
* Added "CamelCase" note to the "Insert a space in front of capitalized letters" option;
* Changed full language title from "Title (Native)" to "Title - Native";
* Added Portuguese (Brazil) translation file;
* More spacious Settings window, better fit localized text;
* Store BeepOnPreview and BeepOnRename variables in settings file;
* Added Chinese Simplified translation;
* Renamed default language title from "Default" to "Original (English)";
* Suppress language icon loading exceptions and handle Unicode icon paths;
* Fixed localization issues in auxiliary message dialogs: Go to Folder, Mark by Mask, Select by Mask, Select by Extension, Select by Filename Length, Confirm overwrite with new name, Could not open the following file;
* Unicode support for remembered values of: Add Files, Add Folders, Filter Masks, Mark by Mask, Select by Mask, Select by Extension;
* Better positioning of components in Browse dialog for localization;
* Fixed loading of localized description of meta tags;
* Fixed encoding mix-up in registration data handling and messages;
* Updated Japanese language file;


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