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[Bug] Inconsistent casing for hashes in Compare Files

Version: Hasher Beta
Current behavior:
The resulting hashes when comparing 2 or more files is inconsistent and don't conform to the Setting "Use upper case hashes". MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1 and ED2k are all lower-case while CRC32, SHA256, SHA512, RipeMD128 and RipeMD160 are all upper-case.

File A:

File B:

Result: 10 out of 10 available hashes matched.

Additional information:
Matching: CRC32,MD2,MD4,MD5,SHA1,SHA256,SHA512,RipeMD128,RipeMD160,ED2K
* CRC32: 7D9D7FFA
* MD2: eaf0885f94eefb36a3d674e97600fb43
* MD4: f7fc51311f093b7f644f1033a671559e
* MD5: 5537c6ed0b63aaf0f04a969e2a17c57a
* SHA1: de54a9ea233a90496a45038a66a899095f3e99d2
* SHA256: F3448068ACD6BA33A9B1DC1A1296724B47384F9AB7F0E0715137873F2570F109
* SHA512: 0780D5FECD7CB1A4090F9DE8388FB527F2750896A2C8310C1C83BE7DB316F2CDDA14F4127D1A7A172E565F5A60BC997381EB6934EAFFB7933B6E6ED821ABCC9F
* RipeMD128: BF603F723141140B0774A4EEC889F905
* RipeMD160: 8C475D2B8B70D0D610ACF8F816BA03893794475B
* ED2K: a77fa5d8ad66939b14b9bb5f8c0ef4dc

Requested change:
Ensure the results in the "Additional information" pane from comparing 2 or more files conforms to the user's Setting "Use upper case hashes". If checked, all results will be upper-case. If unchecked, all results will be lower-case.


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Re: [Bug] Inconsistent casing for hashes in Compare Files

Thanks for reporting this issue.

It will be fixed in the next development iteration.


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