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Resize UI Width on display of longer hash

Resize UI Width on display of longer hash

I guess it's really not a big deal, but maybe an option to automatically resize the UI width, wider, when a longer hash is displayed.
(And then revert back to "last-set" width, once the longer hash are deselected.)

Eh, probably not worth it...

Was thinking...

I had the UI width set so all icons fit correctly.
But that is too small to fully display say sha256 hash.
So if you normally had say only md5 & sha1 hashes computing, all is well.
You need to get a sha256, clicking that (optionally) automatically widens the UI so that it fits, fully.
Deselect sha256 & it reverts back to your "last-set" ("normal") width.

(Once you get to sha512, you might as well simply maximize the UI if you need to actually see the full hash.)


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Re: Resize UI Width on display of longer hash

therube wrote:

Eh, probably not worth it...

I agree wink

If we forget the fact that a dynamically resizing GUI is generally a bad design practice, it is very rare that somebody actually needs to see the full hash (especially SHA256 and SHA512), and even in such rare case it is best to leave the GUI resizing to the user.

Instead, why not use the option to remember the location and size of the main window?


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