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ReNamer 7.3

ReNamer 7.3 has been released.

Highlights of changes:

  • High DPI support with automatic user interface scaling. Note that icons are not scaled yet.

  • Remember and restore the last used preset by the preset name, rather than via an anonymous default preset.

  • Handle the 12-hour notation (AM/PM) when searching for dates in the Reformat Date rule.

  • Significant improvements to the decoding of email meta tags, including handling of Windows-specific encodings.

  • After adding files, sort first, then preview, to avoid breaking the effect of order sensitive rules.

  • Added "Path Length" and "New Path Length" columns to the file table.

  • Added file signature for WebP image format.

  • Improved identification of the system language and options for overriding it.

  • Updated translations: French, German, Turkish, Japanese, Portuguese (Portugal), Simplified Chinese.

See the full changelog between v7.2 and v7.3 for more details.


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