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Using RegEx and MetaTags in filters?


I'm using RenamerPro for a data recovery project of about 300'000 files, and I have some suggestions for future features that would ease the job :

- Ability to filter files using RegEx and MetaTags. For example I need to select only images containing EXIF information. Currently I have a renamer Preset with a rule to move (renaming with backslash) into a new folder the pictures based on the camera model and date (Insert :EXIF_Model:\:EXIF_Date:" as Prefix). This works well but whenever the file doesn't have EXIF data embedded, this is an issue.

- Using RegEx or advanced searches in the filter. For now, I'm using a separate tool (TreeSize File Search) to preselect the files, and send them to Renamer Pro. Maybe this would be useful for some in a future version, since RegEx and MetaTags are already implemented for rules.

Thanks for your software,


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