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methods of donating? (to revive ReNamer)

What methods of donating do you have in place?  I'd want one that was nice and anonymous -- to keep real world me separated from online me... like amazon Honor System

http://zme.amazon.com/exec/varzea/subst … -know.html


Does the Amazon Honor System share any information about me with third parties?

No. Because we sent your personalized paybox directly to your browser software, the Web site you were viewing did not receive your name or any other information about you from the Amazon Honor System. In fact, we will not share any of your personal information from the Amazon Honor System with other participants in the program, not even sites that you choose to support.


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Re: methods of donating? (to revive ReNamer)

I have only 1 method for making donations: via PayPal. It seems to be the easiest one and also the most popular, because it can also accept credit cards. Unfortunately, you can't hide your information. But why would you? wink


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