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On laptop with mobile processor


Very nice program but it doesn't display correct CPU frequency on my laptop.
It always monitors 1845 MHz, doesn't matter if it's in high performance mode or office mode (in this last mode should report around 900 MHz).
Everest, PC Wizard, etc all work fine.
This problem also happened with an "old" program, mobile meter, with the default settings.
I just had to change the method to get the frequency from "measure actual" to "from OS".
Can i do something similar?

Thank you.

Core2Duo T5600 (1.83GHZ)
1 GB ram
X1700 512 MB
Windows XP SP2 with latest updates

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Re: On laptop with mobile processor

Strange. I also have a mobile processor on my laptop, which automatically switches down to about 700Mhz when it is idling. CPUMon measures it correctly in both states. There is no such feature, to change the way in which the speed is detected. Anyway, I would trust more the "measured" way, rather than the "read registry" way.

I know only 1 place in OS (in registry) where to read the processor speed from. It is basically an advertised speed of the processor (static).


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