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Ping interval

I have a suggestion for shutter
there is a function 'Ping Stops' allows pinging host/ip and shutdown when host not respond.

i found that option keep pinging on the hot in too short of time so some hot will ban the ip for keeping doing this for long time

suggest have option to give a time setting between ping instead keep pinging all the time


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Re: Ping interval

Since there is barely enough space for configuration box of this event (host/ip text box, seconds box), I could not fit another one - to specify how often to ping the host/ip. So what I did is... Shutter sets ping period dynamically, based on how many seconds of none-response you have specified.

Since user may want to trigger an event when host/ip is none-responsive for 3 seconds (for example), I tweaked the dynamic intervals so they provide an optimum result.. You see, the thing is, if user specifies 2 seconds, it's a bad idea to ping even every 1 second..  because sometimes it may leave only 1 dead ping to trigger an event (due to the nature of OS Multitasking). And the ping packet may be lost somewhere in the middle of transmission, thus making a false assumption of host/ip been dead, hence triggering an event. I hope you understand this little complexity...

Here is the detailed table of dynamic intervals:
(note the very right column, it is very important)

ping stops | ping interval | min-max dead pings to trigger the event
1-3        | 0.5           | (2-6)
4-10       | 1             | (4-10)
11-30      | 2             | (5-15)
31-60      | 4             | (7-15)
60-120     | 8             | (7-15)
121-xxx    | 15            | (8-xxx)

I suppose, in your case, you should set the seconds of no-response time
to at least 121 seconds, so you'll get 15 seconds pinging interval.

Hope that helps smile


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