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Search through archives and delete files?

Does anyone know of a program which will not only search inside archives, but then let you delete the files once found, like for example...

Search Drive C:\ and find all the readme.txt files inside archives (zip/rar/cbr/cbz), then from the list of found files highlight and delete them all...

Any help would be appreciated



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Re: Search through archives and delete files?

In know that WinRAR can search through archives. Then, you can locate the file using a single button, and delete it from the archive. But it can't delete all found files automatically. I doubt that you will find a program that does it all automatically.

Your best try is using command line tools, like RAR.EXE which comes together with WinRAR. I guess you can write a batch file or a small program which can do your task, for example: for every found archive, list its contents, remove not needed files.


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