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ReNamer 2.11

Mostly this update contains User Interface improvements, some of them are:
1) removed that horrible scrollbar in the list of rules, it was annoying having to scroll down to the translit rule and it just didn't look right with it;
2) Settings were moved out from the File menu to its own menu item; most of the users never even knew that Settings existed wink
3) program displays a warning message if all New Names are empty when user clicks Rename; every so often I receive an e-mail from user stating that "ReNamer doesn't work...", and they also include a screenshot from which you can see straight away that New Names are empty, hence ReNamer fails to rename files to an empty name! Simple reason for that - they forget to click a Preview button first, in order to generate those New Names.

A small addition as well, thanks to Alex Constantinescu, Romanian charset has been added to the Translit rule smile

What's New:
* Settings have been moved to the separate menu item, with shortcuts for each tab;
* added option to the Settings: "Clear Files Table on Rename" (leaves failed items);
* program warns user if all New Names are empty when he/she clicks Rename;
* added preset of Romanian characters for Translit rule;
* small graphical improvements;


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