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MD5, SHA1, CRC32 from within ReNamer 2.25

Almost after every release of ReNamer, I say to my-self: "No, there is nothing else to Add!" wink And every time I say so - I'm wrong! So here is another very useful addition, ReNamer can now calculate any of MD5, SHA1 or CRC32 hashes for a file, via MetaTags!!

NOTE: the process of calculating hashes is very CPU and time intensive. ReNamer does not use a separate thread to do that task, so application will be Non-responsive for the whole duration of that task, which might take few minutes depending on the total size of the files.

What's New:
* Integrated 3 algorithms for calculating Hash of a file: MD5, SHA1, CRC32 (accessed via MetaTags)!!!
* improved performance of the CleanUp rule;


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