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Shutter 2.00

Shutter started following the steps of ReNamer... becoming very popular smile So I was improving it for quite a while now, to make it twice as good, giving more unique functionalities. It is time to release this new version, which comes with a bunch of new features like Web Interface, Window Closes and Process Stops events. Read further, to find the full list...

What's New:
* Added Web Interface - allows Remote Execution of any Action, it also displays
  some run-time information about the computer: Logged In User, Up Time,
  List of Processes, Screenshot of a Desktop.
* New Window Closes event, which is checking if any visible window with a
  specified title is still open (allows * and ? wildchars);
* New Process Stops event, which is checking if selected process is still running;
* New Mute Master Volume action, allows muting the default sound card;
* button "Now" executes shutdown action without pre-shutdown procedures;
* added option to Restart Inactivity Event after it has been triggered;
* added option to Create Shell Links to All Shutdown Actions;
* all Shutdown Actions are accessible via Popup Menu for immediate execution;
* removed restriction for running only one instance of the application;
* added Alarm Form, for use with Alarm action;


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