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ReNamer 3.20

This update significantly improves the renaming capabilities of ReNamer, making it stand out of all the others! This new version integrates the PascalScript rule, which allows users to program their Own Renaming rule!! Now, any renaming schema that you can think of - is possible with ReNamer smile

Also, you can now export the file table contents into a text file, then edit the new names manually, and import all that back: CSV (comma separated) and TXT (tab separated) formats are supported for import-export manipulations!

What's New:
* New PascalScript rule, for Scripting your Own Renaming rule!!
* Window for adding rules is resizable now, to allow expansion of rules configuration;
* Added option to Paste copied files/folders from Windows Explorer (Ctrl+V);
* Added special Help window for displaying long help strings, e.g. RegEx Syntax;
* Fixed small bug for saving presets (v3.00: Presets folder was not created);
* Main buttons have been added to the File menu (with their shortcuts);
* Added option to Import file table contents from: CSV, TXT;
* Added 2 new Meta Tags: EXIF_Make, EXIF_Model;
* Added option to Duplicate Selected Rule;


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