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Shutter 2.50

What's New:
* Web Interface supports command line execution!
* added 'UnMute Master Volume' action;
* added 'Close program after event has been triggered' option;
* added 'Stop event when computer is going to hibernate/sleep' option;
* 'Run Program' allows arguments to be used for launching a program;
* fixed Web Interface restart issue, occurred after re-configuring the options;
* updated dynamic pinging interval for 'Ping Stops' event, interval increases as
  increases the amount of seconds for host/ip to be dead to trigger the event;
* added Shutdown Extra option: Close Windows that match Titles (allows wildcards);
* rearranged order of execution of pre-shutdown procedures, now it is:
  1. Play Sound (if shutdown message to be shown - don't wait for sound to finish);
  2. Show Shutdown Message (canceling will result in stopping the playing sound);
  3. Run Program (always wait until program is closed/terminated);
  4. Close Windows that match Titles (don't wait);


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