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ReNamer 4.00 Release Candidate!!

Huh) Finally, I'm ready to release this brand new version of ReNamer! I have been working hard on it, to bring many new features, and especially the one that has been heavily asked for - Unicode support smile The core of the program has been redesigned, and some new visual components have been used, especially the one for the files table - which gave me an ability to add things like: sort columns by clicking on them, hide and move columns with a single mouse click, etc. Note that the title of this version says "Release Candidate", this is because huuuuuge amount of changes has been made, and I was testing it heavily, but there still a chance that I could've missed few little bugs wink

Here is the full list of What's New:
* Now Supports Unicode, using Tnt Unicode Controls!!
* New Faster and Nicer looking Virtual Treeview component for Files table!
* The Core is redesigned and is more-less separated from the GUI;
* Dramatic improvements to the speed of adding large amount of files;
* Added ability to sort files table columns by clicking on them;
* Absolute and relative paths can be used in the new name;
* Added short user friendly description to every meta tag;
* Added Drag and Drop support for moving items within Files and Rules lists;
* Combined the Add Folder and the Browse Dialogs into a single Form;
* Columns in the files table can be moved, simply by dragging them;
* User can hide/show columns in the files table using column's right-click menu;
* Help messages are separated and converted to html files, displayed as web pages;
* Fixed Tab Order for the Rules configuration, it follows the components layout;
* Jpeg Exif structure tag was reverted back to DateTimeOriginal from DateTime,
  while ReNamer's Exif meta tags were renamed to EXIF_Date and EXIF_Time;
* Added File Signature meta tags, which can detect correct file extension and
  description for about 70 different data file formats;
* Fixed displaying of the file overwrite prompt dialog when saving a default preset,
  while using the "Save rules configuration on exit, load on startup" option;
* Cursor is set to Hour Glass for long operations like Preview, Rename, etc;
* Improved Unique Random indexing of the Serialize rule: faster search of the
  new unique number, and breaks when search for unique number takes too long;
* Updated all registered functions for PascalScript to handle Unicode strings;
* Added option to export list of files and undo paths, to Undo renamed files later;
* Added 10 new IsWideCharXXX functions for PascalScript, to check if a Unicode
  character is Upper, Lower, Digit, Space, Punctuation, Control, Blank, Hex Digit,
  Alphabetic or Alpha-Numeric; and 4 Unicode Conversion routines: WideToAnsi,
  AnsiToWide, UTF8Encode, UTF8Decode;
* Other small graphical changes;


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