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Aaaaarghhh my mouse has gone beserk

<sigh> Had to replace my motherboard last saturday (of course it was more that 3 weeks old so it was obsolete and I needed a new motherboard, cpu and ram as well, and a new graphics card that  also went bang)

Apparently they're not very resistant to having a full cup of coffee poured into the case roll
Coat them in wax or anything - pleaze
I'll happily pay a few extra pounds for a water resistant pc wink
And don't even talk to me about keyboards mixed with liquids!!!
I must be keeping logitech running at a profit just from their sales to me

But, back to the main point, and it's making my life miserable
Scrolling the mouse wheel moves up/down about 50 lines at a time <aaarrrrggghhhh>

<grrrrrrr> I know you're laughing
I know I would be if it wasn't me big_smile

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Re: Aaaaarghhh my mouse has gone beserk

LOL  ... big_smile lol smile    sh*t happens wink

I need a new computer as well, I'm still working on my Sony-Vaio laptop, which isn't really powerful enough anymore...   Maybe I should go your route... and accidentally spill a cuff of coffee on it, to buy a new one big_smile


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