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Get back to a in use taskbar icon.

In the older versions I would get shutter show up as a task bar item. Now all I get is it on the desktop. I am rarely there and I like the taskbar location so I know it is open and/or in operation. I don't want to pin it to the taskbar just show up when I am using it. What version is the latest that has that previous operation mode? Thanks.


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Re: Get back to a in use taskbar icon.

Shutter shows itself in the taskbar only when the main window is visible. When you hide (minimize) the main window, the taskbar entry disappears too, but you can still access Shutter trough the tray icon.

Do you see the taskbar entry when Shutter's main window is visible?

I'm not sure that you call the previous mode of operation, because Shutter has been operating like that for a very long time.


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