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Feature suggestions: Average of duration and additional Logic

Hi, this is a suggestion to improve the average load flexibility which was implemented in topic: 2374

If the time length over which to measure the average could be set independently of the duration criteria, that would be great.

For instance I wish to suspend the pc if the network load has been below 500 KB/S for 10 minutes. If I could set a custom average of for instance 30 seconds, it would even out spikes.
With the average going over the entire duration period, it takes a full duration from the network activity stops, until the network traffic average falls below the threshold. With the current version, the alternative is to not use the average function, in which case the timer is reset with each spike.

Complementary suggestion:
An additional logic, could be used to achieve the same; “1BY1-resume”.  In this logic events should still be monitored after they are passed. If an already passed event exceeds the threshold, the logic should always return to the earliest event which is no longer true, or start at the top if that is easier to code..
In this case, I could set a Network threshold of 30 seconds with average, followed by a ten-minute count down. The logic would be reset each time the network activity goes above the threshold. In this way I can suspend the pc after ten minutes of inactivity.

Thanks for the great application!

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