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RFE: Strip embedded spaces in copied hash

RFE: Strip embedded spaces in copied hash


No big deal, but (& it's the first I've run across it) the ability to strip embedded spaces.

Example: https://keepass.info/integrity.html

SHA-1:	C6912366 CFAEF08D FF89D80C 5045387C 11FEDB56

Currently, I'm pretty sure trailing spaces are removed.
(At least I've never been purposely "careful" in copying a hash, & have not had a check fail due to what may have been a trailing space(s) ;-).)

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Re: RFE: Strip embedded spaces in copied hash

Excellent suggestion!

This feature has been implemented in Hasher Beta, see changelog.

The user hash will still be displayed as is, with just the trailing white spaces removed, but the comparison operation will ignore all control and white space characters inside the hash.


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