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Unable to save a filter setting with a name (to be used later)

The Filter dialog allows us to save the settings.

But it does not prompt us to set a name, like the Preset dialog does.
Neither can we select the saved filter.

The only option available is to set the new setting as default.
But you cannot set several different filters and save them under different names.

Desired: Allow the user to save several filters under different names and invoke them whenever needed.


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Re: Unable to save a filter setting with a name (to be used later)

There are 3 sources of filter settings:

1) Active session - Lives in the memory of the currently running application.
2) Application settings - Stored in the settings file when application ends. Loaded into the active session on startup.
3) Preset settings - Stored in the preset, optionally. Loaded into active session when the preset is loaded.

So, you can save your filter settings as application defaults, by ticking the "Save as default for future sessions" option, or saving with the preset.

An ability to save filter settings as a named set of files seems like an overkill.


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