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Shutter + VMWare network usage

I'm curious why after upgrading to Vmware Workstation 11 or 12,
shutter unable to detect guest network usage ?
with VMware Workstation 10 shutter able to detect network usage just fine.

Is it shutter problem or VMware change something to their driver ?

Thank you


#2 2019-02-28 15:26

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Re: Shutter + VMWare network usage

Shutter uses standard Windows API for monitoring the networking usage, to be more specific, GetIfEntry and other related functions.

What network usage do you see reported by Shutter? Can you attach some screenshots of your configuration and the results?

Have you checked all available network interfaces? Perhaps the traffic goes through a different network interface?

Can you also check the newer versions of VMware Workstation, i.e. 15, 14, 13?


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