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How to perform replace from command line WITHOUT preset?

Assume I want to replace all occurencies of " Year " by " year " in all *.log filenames currently existing in folder D:\data\log\

How can I achieve this WITHOUT referring to a Preset?

Is there something like

renamer.exe "D:\data\log\*.log" -from " Year " -to " year "

Alternatively: Can I somehow copy & paste a rule from Preset file and paste it after "renamer.exe" in cmdline?

Thank you


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Re: How to perform replace from command line WITHOUT preset?

You can't specify renaming rules through the command line options directly, instead, you can specify which preset to use for unattended renaming.

Once you save your desired rules in a preset, let's say named "Replace Year Label", then you could execute it like so:

renamer.exe /rename "Replace Year Label" "D:\data\log\*.log"

The list of available command line options and their usage is described here:


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