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Quesion | Searlize a book pages

Suppose you scan a book to images.
You do "Serialize" to serialize the whole scanned images.
Now, you want to fit the filenames with the numbers of the scanned pages (book pages numbers).
When do it, you notice that:
1. The book pages numbers are not starting from 1, you need to shift the whole filenames.
2. There are some pages missing, or white pages removed - you need to change the whole serialization again.

At_Beginning --> What_should_be

001.png --> 005.png
002.png --> 006.png
003.png --> 007.png
004.png --> 008.png
005.png --> 009.png

006.png --> 020.png
007.png --> 021.png
008.png --> 022.png
009.png --> 023.png
010.png --> 024.png
011.png --> 025.png
012.png --> 026.png
013.png --> 027.png
014.png --> 028.png
015.png --> 029.png
016.png --> 057.png
017.png --> 058.png
018.png --> 059.png
019.png --> 060.png
020.png --> 061.png

In this situation, the user wants a rule of Math.
You want to Add/Increase the filenames by:

but this will lead to a Warning messages like:

Validation has failed due to issues with 12 file(s).

12 of which conflict with an existing file.

Hint: You can check the details by enabling the "Error" column.

To avoid Warning messages the user will try at first to increase all files by +4,
and then to increase all the bottom at list by +10,
and so on.


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Re: Quesion | Searlize a book pages

It feels like your question really consists of two questions.

Question 1: How to re-serialize and avoid conflicts while renaming?

This was only recently covered in another topic.

You need to sort in reverse order by the Name or the New Name column, just before renaming.

Question 2: How to increment existing serialization numbers not uniformly?

This can be accomplished by the Pascal Script rule, but it would get quite technical.

Maybe this could be solved by a new renaming rule named something like "Adjust Numbers". User would specify an offset to be applied to a range of values. For example: +4 for numbers 1-5, +14 for numbers 6-15, +41 for numbers 16-20.


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Re: Quesion | Searlize a book pages

I think the better solution will come by "Try & Error" on such Arithmetic scenarios.
Pay attention to padding cases.


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