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Add [ ] brackets around "Series" in "Author-Series-Title"

Trying to add brackets around "Series and Series #" in a list of books that are always in the following order: Author - Series - Title where each part is separated from the others by a "-"

From: Tom Mix - The Work Around Texas 785 - A Great Cowboy.mobi
To:     Tom Mix - [The Work Around Texas 785] - A Great Cowboy.mobi

From: Alfred E. Neuman - Mad Magazine 09 - A Really Nice Guy.epub
To:     Alfred E. Neuman - [Mad Magazine 09] - A Really Nice Guy.epub

In my search through the many pages of the forum, I was able to find out how to remove the brackets by the Clean Up rule, how to rearrange the order of the three parts of an EBook and how to rearrange the author's first and last name. I could not find a solution to my request.

Can anyone help?
Thank you in advance.


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Re: Add [ ] brackets around "Series" in "Author-Series-Title"

Did a little more work on my question above. Would the following work?

Expression: (.+) - (.+) - (.+)
Replace: $1 - [$2] - $3
Skip Extension: Yes


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Re: Add [ ] brackets around "Series" in "Author-Series-Title"

Ptaker wrote:

Would the following work?

Just try it out and see if it works. ReNamer has a Preview function so it can't harm.

It always depends on all of your filenames if all follow the same pattern.

Please tell us how it goes.


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