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Insert :EXIF_Date: appears to be subbing in the "Date acquired" field

The Insert rule :EXIF_Date: appears to be substituting in the "Date Acquired" tag when the "Date Taken" tag is blank/empty. 

In this situation, the :File_DateModified: is the correct tag that I would like ReNamer to add to the filename. 

Is there a way to skip the :EXIF_Date: renaming rule if the "Date Taken" tag is blank?

Windows 10 v10.0.18363
ReNamer Lite v7.2
Rule: Insert
Statement:  :EXIF_Date:-
Date taken tag:  (none)
Date acquired tag:  9/21/2015 3:41 PM
Date modified tag:  6/15/2015 7:33 PM

Existing name: 945.JPG
New name:      2015-06-15-193326-945.JPG

Thank you


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Re: Insert :EXIF_Date: appears to be subbing in the "Date acquired" field

The EXIF_Date meta tag will attempt to extract "DateTimeOriginal" first, but if it is empty it will fall back to "DateTime".

According to the EXIF specification:

The date and time when the original image data was generated. For a DSC the date and time the picture was taken
are recorded.

The date and time of image creation. In this standard it is the date and time the file was changed.

Reference: http://web.archive.org/web/201310190503 … xif2-1.PDF

If you want to be more selective about which exact exif tag is used, you would need to use specialized tools like Exiv2 or ExifTool. These tools can also be used within ReNamer via the Pascal Script rule. See example scripts.


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